Many corporations, communities, universities and government agencies—now or will soon—require that construction conform to Green Building Codes, specifically the LEED® standard. The Washington Metropolitan Area has become one of the most active adopters of Green Building Requirements.

Building green involves a different approach. At Ace Deconstruction, we procure special services and construct and deconstruct in nontraditional ways. Some believe this new approach costs more. We know it does not. We leverage our network’s expertise we achieve lower costs compared to common construction techniques, as well as, more reuse and recycling.

Ace Deconstruction also helps to reduce the complexity for owners, developers and contractors by providing a single source arrangement for waste management. This single source gives Ace Deconstruction customers access to the widest array of market outlets for even the most difficult to recycle materials and provides a bridge between various recycling and reuse segments to achieve the highest percent diversion outcomes.

Please check out some of the resources on this page to help you understand the Green Building process.  Also, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on how Ace Deconstruction can further assist you with your Green Building goals.

For more information about Green Building, please contact us or visit our resources page for more information.