Ace Deconstruction provides full or interior deconstruction services of commercial buildings. The cost of our process and methods are competitive with traditional demolition methods, but the recycling results are more extensive. Maximum diversion at the least cost is our focus when providing deconstruction services. Ace Deconstruction landfill diversion rates regularly exceed 90%.

How Ace Deconstruction can accomplish this for your building demolition:

1. Ace Deconstruction has fully developed off-site recycling facilities that are integrated with our deconstruction infrastructure. These facilities are designed to efficiently process a diverse range of C&D materials for recycling, and salvage materials for reuse. These facilities handle significant volumes of recycling and reuse materials which result in further efficiencies.

2. Ace Deconstruction has extensive capabilities and knowledge of “back-end recycling markets” for materials such as carpeting, drywall, ceiling tile, stained/painted wood, glass, etc. Also, we maximize values for more common materials such as aggregate, plastics and metals.

3. Ace Deconstruction has the best deconstruction crews and infrastructure in the U.S. Don’t believe us? Then we ask you to show us a better team anywhere. Ace Deconstruction deconstruction staff and crews are seasoned experts in providing on time, on budget recycling results that are second to none. The Ace Deconstruction deconstruction teams work in full sync with our off-site facility infrastructure in order to maximize efficiencies. Ace Deconstruction crews have completed full background checks with law enforcement officials for projects involving secure facilities and Government agency projects.

4. The combination of Ace Deconstruction’s off-site recycling facilities, back-end materials market, highly capable deconstruction infrastructure and dependable, secure crews result in a winning scenario for demolition projects and can accomplish maximum recycling rates at the lowest cost possible.

Many of our projects have been significantly less costly than traditional demolition. We work directly with building owners, general contractors, architectural firms, agencies and institutions. For all of our projects we provide full documentation for LEED® certification points. For more on how we can provide LEED® points toward your project, contact our LEED® Accredited Professional, Scott Shepard, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 703-880-8428. Contact us for more information on how we can save your project money while maximizing the recycling rate of your building.

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