Ace Deconstruction “Green Clean” services are an innovative method by which we remove materials from buildings without demolition.  Many commercial buildings store materials and equipment that are no longer used but could be recycled or reused by other organizations.  Ace Deconstruction crews remove all unnecessary items and prevent them from going to landfills by maximizing their value in back-end markets.  Items such as mechanical and electrical equipment, furnishings, office equipment and building materials can raise significant revenue that is shared with the building owner. Other items that have no reuse value can be recycled by one of our Ace Deconstruction recycling facilities. Ace Deconstruction can recycle wood, glass, metals, plastics, ceiling tiles, lighting, broken equipment and furnishings, in addition to other materials.

Ace Deconstruction’s Green Clean is environmentally-friendly, maximizes values/least cost and clears expensive space for other more important uses. Ace Deconstruction will also provide, at no additional cost, full recycling documentation to verify the materials were diverted from landfills.  To further understand this service and how it can benefit your company, please contact us.

Here is a sample list of materials that Ace Deconstruction was able to place in reuse markets:

  • 500 rolls of carpeting from an old abandoned warehouse.  The cost to the building owner was zero while a landfill would have incurred thousands of dollars in disposal costs.  From an environmental standpoint, carpeting is plastic and simply will not decay in landfills causing permanent harm to the ground.
  • Raised IT flooring systems. Raised flooring systems are often filled with wood or concrete cores in order to reduce noise which prevents recycling in many cases.  Ace Deconstruction has developed a reuse market for these flooring systems.
  • 13,000 sq ft mezzanine system  This mezzanine systems was planned for metal recycling, but Ace Deconstruction more than quadrupled the value by finding a reuse market for it.
  • Electrical and Mechanical equipment.  Ace Deconstruction has sold hundreds of mechanical and electrical equipment items―the market value far exceeding recycling values.  Frequently, the reuse market can result in extensive cost savings, by requiring buyers to pay for the removal and shipping of items in addition to the item purchase.
  • Laboratory equipment and furnishing.  Ace Deconstruction has sold hundreds of lab equipment components and furnishing to the highest paying buyers.  Ace Deconstruction network of buyers are located throughout the world which results in values that far exceed normal expectations.  For example, Ace Deconstruction sold a single piece of lab equipment that was valued at $200.  The buyer paid Ace Deconstruction $5,500 for this item.
  • Often value is achieved by finding a reuse market that is not able to recycle efficiently.  Lighting is a common example.  The bulbs of 2 x 4 recessed lights that are found in office buildings contain mercury and the ballasts may obtain PCBs.  The hazmat costs result in an expensive disposal.  Ace Deconstruction has sold thousands of these fixtures and attached lights to reuse markets, with zero disposal cost.
  • Doors and windows.  Ace Deconstruction finds reuse markets for these materials versus recycling.

Ace Deconstruction customers receive the direct benefits of Ace Deconstruction’s buyer network. The reduced cost or revenue results in significant dollar value and the added benefit of knowing materials are being reused or recycled and therefore, diverted from landfills.

Case Study

Here are some example materials removed from a recent Green Clean project.
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