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Ace Deconstruction works with companies at all stages of planning, construction, deconstruction or renovation. However, the earlier you include Ace Deconstruction in your process, the better the results in terms of money saved, materials recycled and LEED® credits earned.

Ace Deconstruction can provide a no cost proposal for your project. We will do a complete analysis of an entire building and its contents—or just a portion—to achieve the maximum amount of landfill diversion at the lowest price within the shortest time frame. We use our own recycling facilities, equipment and labor in combination with our network to find the most efficient and financially beneficial outlet for all materials from a project. These materials include salvage, such as building materials, electrical and mechanical equipment, furnishings and other materials. Items that cannot be salvaged at a higher value than scrap are recycled at prices less expensive than landfills.

Recycling common and emerging market materials adds further savings to your project. In addition, working with Ace Deconstruction actually reduces the amount of traditional demolition material from a project and opens up the area for hazmat removal. This, too, drives down the cost of deconstruction. Look at our Services section in detail and call or email us with your questions.

We will work with contractors or subcontractors to coordinate this process—no matter the phase of the project. However, maximum values are obtained by including Ace Deconstruction in the project planning phase. We provide full documentation showing material distribution by material type and weight for possible tax and/or LEED® credits.

Doors prepared for reuse markets
Carpet removal for recycling
Carpet to recycling markets
Commingled C&D recycling dumpster
Ceiling tiles to recycling markets